Disc PD20W QC18W 6 IN 1 Power Strip

Disc PD20W QC18W 6 IN 1 Power Strip

Item No.: MX-ST25 UK Plug
Quality efficiency love it.
Description Specification Function

PD20W/QC18W High Power

Efficient Quick Charge
Fully Compatible
Multiple Fast Charging Protocols
Small Disc Appearance
Simultaneous charging on all sides
Matte panel design
Child safety door
Protect the curiosity
One-touch switch
Input:100-250V 50-60Hz 10A 2500W(Max)
USB Input:100-250V 50-60Hz 0.8A(Max)
USB-PD1/PD2 Output: 5V=3A 9V=2.22A 12V=1.67A 20W
USB-QC3.0 Output: 3.6-6V=3A 6.2-9V=2A 9.2-12V=1.5A 18W
Total Power: 20W
1.Fast charging little disc
PD20W powerful fast charging, four-way simultaneous power pickup.

2.PD High Power
Quality efficiency love it.
Simultaneously compatible with a variety of PD fast charging protocols, intelligent identification of devices to allocate current USB-A single-port output 18W MAX, USB-C single-port output 20W.

3.Small Disc Design
Four-way power, plugs do not tangle.
Disc appearance, all four directions can take power, the plug is not crowded, power flexible and convenient.

4.Wide Compatibility
No adapter needed, phone and tablet charging at the same time, automatic current distribution to match the needs of different devices.

5.One Hand Controls
The appearance of rounded, compact body, one hand can easily grasp the daily convenience of picking up, easy to use.

6. Multiple Protection
Guard the moment of electricity, safety is guaranteed.

7. High-temperature flame retardant, the use of flame-retardant materials, effectively reduce the potential safety hazards.